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They meet specific standards for each product and the type of industrial environment.

We adapt to your project and your constraints; our design office works closely with your services and your specific needs:

  • Design according to specifications
  • Design according to special constraints (specific welding, special resistance according to environmental conditions, explosion, corrosion etc.)
  • Finished products in stainless steel or aluminum in white workshop.
  • Study and achievement following anti-seismic norms.
  • Study and achievement in compliance with the constraints of installation on site (work at height, confined spaces etc.)
  • Study and achievement for the nuclear sector.
Telecommunications booth construction for the Eiffel Tower

Whatever the specific standards, thanks to many years of experience, we will bring you the best product solution according to your type of environment.


Each product can be accompanied by a specific service such as pre-wiring, electrical wiring and also transport and installation on site.

The supply and installation can be entirely acheved by Charles Rothermel and completed key in hand.

Find our custom-made products in the port, airport, rail industry and off-shore.

The applications are multiple, diversified and adapted to your industry and its constraints.

Builder of custom cabins
Builder of custom control rooms
Builder of High Voltage unit
Builder of custom cabins
Builder of custom control rooms
BEFORE - Converted containers
Builder of custom machine cabins
Builder of custom control rooms
AFTER - Converted containers